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Can-Am 860 Big Bore FORGED for 800 & 650

$1,000.00 $1,200.00

We found out bigger is not better.... 900,940,980 we done them all and this is where its at.

860 cc's of fury.. .


These are a bolt-on kit including custom pistons, cylinders, and all gakets for the install.


Instructions can be emailed to you for the install. Installation in the frame can be done.


Compression ratios available from 10:1-14.5:1.


Our 860cc kits can be installed on Can-am ATV 650cc or 800cc Outlanders, Renegades, Commanders.


Fuel/Air tuning is required after kit install.


Runs on pump gas


Bolt on serious rear wheel horsepower with this kit!!!



Fits 650 and 800 canam motors


All race products such as this have been tested tough, but do to the nature of the world we live and ride in there is no warranty or returns on these product.

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