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These clutches have gone through extensive testing. We are always looking to make things better for the gator guys so you can get your work or play done and not worry about a sticking clutch. FITS ALL TEAM CLUTCH MODELS 825, 835 550, 590 850rsx 860rsx 855. 865 Guaranteed not to stick ever. All clearences checked and modified for longevity. New weights and spring rates to your specfications. Want to lower your rpms? Make your gator quieter? Installed bigger tires? We have the answer to all of these questions. Give us a call at 252-626-1969 You will send your existing clutch in for this rework. JD has 4 different clutches out there and the end user doesnt know the difference. 1-2 day turn around in most cases. Prices vary depending on setup and how the clutch is configured. $350 for basic life long rework and $100 extra for lowering rpms at cruising speeds (825 & 835 only) or any other changes. We also have center idle bearing (on applicable clutches) replacment ($100) available now!!!!

Modified John Deere Gator Clutch MODS

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