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After extensive testing we have decided to realease what we feel are the best cams you could ever put in your Can-Am. No cores required.... These cams will out run the competition hands down. 
If purchasing 2012+ cams OR SXS cams  call first because we do have a few 3-bolt cams in stock. If not you will need the gen1 style gears we sell them here for $40. ebstore/products/show/7477886  
This makes the install simple and no need for special tools or worry about the cam slipping in the 3 bolt design.
Short Stroke the cam that makes 500 and 570 models scream. These cams can also be used as a drop in on some models and improve hp/tq. It will fit all models with no modification.
Stage 2  500/570/650/800/850/1000   THE CAM EVERYONE WANTS! have been engineered to give you all the stock components will stand. This cam pushes it to the limits to give you every last bit of horsepower that the stock valve train will allow. They make big torque to turn those big tires and get you out of the hole fast. YOU CAN FIND SHORTER SEALS HERE
Stage 3** 500/570/650/800/850/1000   AKA "Blackie cams 2.0"  these are insane top end power cams for the racer or the person who wants everything their machine can give them. Big RPM hungry cams, 8300rpm and higher is what these cams like . 
**HIGH LIFT VALVE SPRINGS and Shortened Valve Guides are required on Standard and Maverick heads with the Stage 3 cams.   Along with cam tunnel modifications also.
All sales are final. It is the customers responsibility to make sure the part they order will fit on their application.
All race products such as this have been tested tough, but do to the nature of the world we live and ride in there is no warranty or returns on these product. $75 restocking on camshafts if approved.

Can-Am Camshafts

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