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Suzuki King Quad CopperheadĀ® ECU


The Copperhead® ECU is a plug and play replacement for the stock ECU in the King Quad 750 EFI. It controls the timing and fuel, and eliminates the low speed lag and heating issues. It provides a typical 21% power increase from idle to redline (WOT), and a part throttle power increase of up to 40%. Works with the power steering models. NOTE: THE 2014 KQ750 UNIT CAME WITH TWO DIFFERENT HARNESSES DEPENDING ON LOCATION. THE NORTH AMERICA ECU HAS THE NEWER 36 PIN, 3-ROW CONNECTOR. SOME INTERNATIONAL LOCATIONS HAD THE OLDER 34 PIN, 2-ROW CONNECTOR. IF YOUR ATV HAS THE TWO ROW CONNECTOR, PLEASE INDICATE DURING CHECKOUT.

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